• A place where people come hungry, and leave hopeful

Welcome to our Neighborhood Food Shelf!

Our food shelf is here for you and your family. We’re all about providing a wide variety of fresh and healthy food options in a welcoming space.

You’re in control with our client-choice model. It’s like shopping, so you can pick out the foods that you and your family enjoy and that best meet your needs.

Food Shelf by Appointment Only: Monday – Tuesday, 1:00pm to 4:00pm and Wednesday 1:00pm – 6:00pm

*You may visit the food shelf 1 time per month. 

Bonus Friday: Friday, 1:00pm to 3:00pm**

*No appointment needed for Bonus Friday, visitors are served first-come, first served.


First Time Visitors

We are glad you found us! We all go through times when a bit of extra help can make a difference. Grabbing some additional groceries can help ease the strain on your budget. We’re excited to meet you when you stop by, and if you have any questions about your visit, feel free to reach out.

Things to Know for Your First Visit
  • No ID is required to access the food shelf. All we’ll ask for is your name, address (or current city if you’re houseless), and the number of people in your household or family.
  • You’ll be asked to fill out a short form. You can either download it here or complete one at CES. Additionally, we ask for some demographic information about your household. Sharing this information is appreciated but it is optional. Rest assured, all your information remains private with CES.
  • We’re a no-boundaries food shelf, welcoming individuals from any city. However, we encourage you to access food shelves in your local neighborhood. Visit the Hunger Solutions website for a map of food shelf locations.
Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for food assistance from the food shelf, please review the income requirements provided below. (updated 4/6/2020)

Household Size Annual Income

  • One: $0 – $38,280
  • Two: $38,281 – $51,720
  • Three: $51,721 – $65,160
  • Four: $65,161 – $78,600
  • Five: $78,601 – $92,040
  • Six: $92,041 – $105,480
  • Seven: $105,481 – $118,920
  • Eight: $118,921 – $132,360

Add $4,480 of allowable income for each additional family member.

You may visit the food shelf in cases of emergency or distress due to a disaster. Also, if you participate in government assistance programs like GA (General Assistance), SNAP, WIC, or public housing, you are eligible to access our services.