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From Hunger to Hope


Community Emergency Service transforms lives by serving neighbors, sharing resources, and becoming a community - a place where people come hungry and leave hopeful.


Getting Stronger

A woman came into the food shelf, and while checking in took a moment to thank CES for helping her to make ends meet. She gratefully said, “I don’t know what I’d do if you guys weren’t here for me. I don’t worry anymore that I won’t have anything to eat at the end of the month now that I’ve found this food shelf. Thank you for being here.”
She told us that after she pays her rent and utilities with her Supplemental Security Income each month, she only has $20 left for the rest of the month. This senior neighbor stated although she receives a small cash stipend for food through her health insurance, by the end of the month she has no food and no money remaining. She comes to the CES food shelf at the end of EVERY MONTH knowing that she can receive enough food to last until the next month.
This is a unfortunately a common story for our senior neighbors. With your support we are able to continue providing our community with sustainable access to healthy food. Thank you for your gifts, donations, and volunteer hours! You make an impact.