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“Mask, check; hand sanitizer, check; address of apartment building, check; bike helmet, check.” Gary was on his way to the apartment complex for the delivery of groceries today. “I really love Home Delivery and look forward to my volunteer time,” Gary shared.

Gary, who lives in South Minneapolis, came to CES during the beginning of COVID-19 after hearing about Home Delivery. Since Gary is a bike commuter, he rides his bike to join others at several sites to help distribute groceries to those who are homebound and in need of food.

After Gary rides his bike to join others, his day becomes full of activity. He helps unpack the van, sets up two sets of bags – one is filled with staple items that each client has asked for, the other is packed with produce, fruit, milk, eggs, and meat. He makes sure the cart is disinfected, puts on gloves and loads the cart. As he enters the building wearing his mask, he smells “the wonderful aroma of the different spices wafting down the hall” on the way to an apartment. Gary knocks on the door, sets the bags down, steps back to wait for the door to open. They exchange greetings, sometimes in two different languages. After a grateful thank you, Gary heads back to pick up more bags. Of course, he makes sure to change his gloves and disinfect the cart.

Sometimes Gary engages in conversation at the door, other times in the elevator, and still other conversations are by the use of gestures if language is a barrier. But always, Gary hears the gratitude in their voices. Gary shared how fear and worry have taken over for so many, but being a part of CES Home Delivery is taking away that worry and is making a difference.

“You can’t stop me. I’m having too much fun!” was Gary’s closing comment.

Thank you Gary and all the volunteers who so faithfully come to serve.

Want to volunteer? Contact Linda at lvelez@cesmn.org or call 612.870.1125 x107.