• A place where people come hungry, and leave hopeful

"Most days it's just me and my cat Itty Bitty"

Our Meals on Wheels (MOW) seniors love their pets, and many of them live alone so their pets are their only companions.

Unfortunately, meeting their own food needs was already a challenge. Adding a pet’s needs on top of that can create a very real issue and some clients were giving up a share of their delivered food to feed their companions.

This meant seniors were going hungry, as well as animals not receiving their proper nutrition.

Feeding Pets, and feeding hearts...

The Ani-Meals program began in 2015 and is supported by donations from volunteers and organizations.

Pet food needs include “small bites” of dry dog food and canned cat food. 

Donating cash helps us buy specific foods based on our current clients and provide additional aid where needed.

  • Recipients must be enrolled in the MOW or Home Delivery program
  • Deliveries are made by volunteers once a month on Saturdays to 80+ people
  • The service is fully funded through grants, business and individual donations
  • In addition to food, pets may receive health services such as vaccines, exams, and spaying/neutering
  • Great volunteer opportunity for families