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From Hunger to Hope


Rooted in God's loving grace, Community Emergency Service transforms lives by serving neighbors, sharing resources, and becoming a community.

Over the past 50 years, CES has evolved into an organization that is nimble and quickly meets the needs of one of Minnesota’s most rapidly changing, ethnically rich, and most marginalized neighborhoods. We have served all in need in this community with the love of Christ without test. We have become a place where God’s love is abundantly shared—a place where people come hungry and leave hopeful.

We stand ready to continue our evolution in service to all, continuing to share God’s love, as we seek to meet the ever changing unique needs of our community for the next 50 years.

As Community Emergency Service (CES) celebrates our 50th year of service to our neighbors, I want to thank you for making this milestone possible. More importantly, thank you for your life-changing support of the MILLIONS of people reached by CES over the last 50 years. It is through the collective generosity of thousands of partners–volunteers, donors, corporations, foundations, faith communities, and other local community organizations–that we’ve been able to change so many lives

Mike Lloyd, Executive Director

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Impact Story

Three More to Feed

“I am so grateful for Community Emergency Service! I don’t know what I would do without your food shelf!” responded Shirley* as she walked with the Advocate to the cubicle to talk. About three months before, her daughter was killed in a tragic accident and her three granddaughters came to live with her. The children’s father is from another country, and they are trying to get him to America. Life changed dramatically! On a fixed income, Shirley now had three more to feed.

Although it seems like an impossible situation, Shirley said, “We are doing well. Because of CES, I can feed the children. I come here once a month for the food shelf and every Friday for produce and bread distribution. However, the most important thing I look forward to is the prayer I receive and the Daily Bread devotional.

“With the kindness of those at CES, I am encouraged each month to keep going.”

*name changed to protect client anonymity