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Volunteer of the Month - December: Arden Zipf, Bonus Friday Distribution

sm arden cropped“Hey you, come over here and get some food,” a red haired lady behind a walker called as Arden rode past CES on his bike over 10 years ago.

He soon came for food at CES, bringing others with him. Making friends with volunteer Ken Stewart, Arden asked if he could help, thus beginning his 10+ years as a volunteer himself. Arden has been around the food industry, first with North Central Airlines Food Service and then at the Nutrition Center for the Minneapolis Public Schools until he retired, so CES is a perfect fit!


What do you do at CES? “I come on Friday afternoons to help with the food distribution line and then stay to the very end to clean up, making sure that everything is clean and put away properly. I like to make sure all the cardboard is taken to the recycling bin and get all the garbage from all over the building so all is ready for next week. It is a pleasure.”

What keeps you coming back? Arden explained that he brings his friends to CES for food, helping them get their food home. He went on to explain, “Yes, the food is nice, but it is the people that I work with that keeps me coming back! There are so many nice and understanding people. Also, I meet many people from the neighborhood. Most are nice and only a few stinkers! But, the way the staff deals with them is great.”

How have you been impacted? Arden shared that helping on Fridays is a way that he can give back. “I have learned to be early and do a helpful job—be kind and courteous. I greet everyone the way I would like to be treated.”

Thank you Arden for your years of service!

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