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Jean Anderson - Volunteer of the Month

sm jean andersonJenneane “Jean” Anderson, Intake Desk,
is the CES volunteer of the month.

What brought you to CES?

Hosanna Church came to fill bags of groceries. Two months later they needed help again, so I came. While here there was no one to answer phones. My response, “Teach me.” I have been here ever since.

What makes CES a worthy place to devote your time?

The need is so evident! I have a connection to the homeless and I can welcome people with an encouraging word.

What are your favorite tasks?

Beside welcoming people, I maintain a household closet. From my paycheck from St. Steven’s Shelter, I buy items that people need. It is amazing to see how God directs me. Someone will ask for an item and I just brought it in!”

Share an experience.

A client mentioned how they love to come to CES “because of what you and the advocates do. The music, beautiful windows and people create a relaxing atmosphere. I enjoy the friendliness and peace at CES.” These are the comments that keep me coming back!

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