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Three More to Feed on A Fixed Income | A client story

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I am so grateful for Community Emergency Service! I don’t know what I would do without your food shelf!” responded Shirley* as she walked with the Advocate to the cubicle to talk. About three months before, her daughter was killed in a tragic accident and her three granddaughters came to live with her. The children’s father is from another country, and they are trying to get him to America. Life changed dramatically! On a fixed income, Shirley now had three more to feed.

Although it seems like an impossible situation, Shirley said, “We are doing well. Because of CES, I can feed the children. I come here once a month for the food shelf and every Friday for produce and bread distribution. However, the most important thing I look forward to is the prayer I receive and the Daily Bread devotional.

With the kindness of those at CES, I am encouraged each month to keep going.

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