Beyond bread to the bread of life. Beyond ourselves to Christ.

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CES continues to be true to our mission of “Serving the Community.”

Jim Cardle, one of our volunteers has been serving neighbors for many years and doing it with joy. This joy is contagious and Jim has brought half a dozen friends and family members to join him in his volunteering efforts bringing hope to many. 

Mark’s 2nd Chance:
Recently, as Jim was talking and sharing the hope of Christ with Mark Davis*, his story of life’s struggles and provision was shared. Mark is fifty-six years old, carrying for his two adult, handicapped sons; one with Asperger’s while the other is bipolar with ADHD. Both rely heavily on their father’s support. Mark’s twenty-two year-old daughter also lives with him, along with her three children (five years, one year and one month old).

As if that is not enough, Mark suffers from kidney failure and has spent the past eight years on dialysis, going in three times each week for his four-hour treatments. Dialysis is not a cure; it is a temporary solution for a life-long struggle.

Mark has been visiting CES off and on for six years, not only for the food, but for the caring atmosphere and prayers about his situation. This month, he arrived with fresh energy in his step and a glowing smile. One month ago, he told Jim Cardle, he’d received a life-altering call from the U of M Medical Center. He had been given a kidney transplant!

As they rejoiced together, Mark stated, “God has given me a second chance!” With this fresh start at life, Mark is eager to declare his love for God and to encourage all those around him to trust and have faith. Even in a situation as strained as his, there is hope. As Jim and Mark shared a prayer together, it was obvious that community was happening again at CES!

*Name changed for client privacy

sm Alison JimAlison’s Recovery Road:
Jim Cardle also met with Alison Keso who was rejoicing for the community of and prayers at CES. She has been thrilled with the help and service from CES and people like Jim who have been there for her as she has been on the road to recovery, staying free for the last 18 months.

Her words of hope were, “Tell everyone that because Jesus is there for us, we can have success. Don’t give up. And, thank you CES for being there for me and encouraging me on my road to recovery.”

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