Beyond bread to the bread of life. Beyond ourselves to Christ.

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A Person, A Pastor and a Partner

mike lloydDirector’s Discourse by Mike Lloyd,
Executive Director at CES

Commitment to community has been a critical part of Community Emergency Service (CES) over our 44 year history. 

CES has been blessed with many friends and partners from the very beginning. Over the next few months, I will share about some of these partners and their critical role in the longevity of CES, and in helping to achieve our calling “beyond bread to the bread of life, beyond ourselves to Jesus Christ.”

Due to the work of Pastor Bill Berg and the founding work of Russell Lund, CES has been in service to the needs in the Phillips neighborhood, South Minneapolis and more recently North Minneapolis through our Meals on Wheels program. There are many stories behind these events, one of which involves Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church. Mt. Olivet has been a CES partner for our entire 44 years. The relationship between Augustana Lutheran Church, our founding organization, and Mt. Olivet was pivotal.

A member of Mt. Olivet, Mr. Lund, knew of the work of Augustana in this community and approached Pastor Berg about making a legacy gift. This gift was part of what resulted in the formation of CES. It is fair to say that without this early connection between Mt. Olivet and Augustana, it is possible that the vision for CES may never have come to fruition. We owe such a great debt of gratitude to all those whose foundational work has resulted in so many years of service to this community.

bill macleanBeyond the initial gift from Mr. Lund, Mt. Olivet has continued to walk this journey with CES over these many years. Now, Associate Pastor Bill MacLean oversees a number of ministry efforts for Mt. Olivet, including community outreach through their Board of Community Concern working with CES on many fronts. Bill had a successful career as VP of U.S. Bank before refocusing his calling at Mt. Olivet. Bill, his staff and volunteers are precious to our work.

  • People of Mt. Olivet have been actively involved with CES. Eric Youngdahl, current Associate Pastor at Mt. Olivet and grandson of Rubin K. Youngdahl, served on our CES Board of Directors. Currently, Bill Minge, a member of Mt. Olivet’s Board of Community Concern serves in an active role on our Board of Directors.
  • Mt. Olivet has supported CES with many food drives over the years, over 13,000 pounds of food to CES last year. In 2014, they were named in the top three congregations in our state’s participation in Minnesota FoodShare Campaign.
  • Mt. Olivet provides regular volunteer groups to our Home Delivery program, our Food Shelf and our fresh produce Bonus Friday distribution.
  • We are grateful for Mt. Olivet’s partnership in their annual upcoming fall food drive. Their generous support helps CES through our fall season when the need is so great.

This support is a tribute to the culture of Mt. Olivet. We thank and praise God for the partnership of Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church with CES that helps meet the need of “the least of these” in South Minneapolis.

We need the support of our valued partners like Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church and others in fulfilling our mission to serve the people in poverty in our community. The need is great.

As we approach this fall season, the demands are increasing. Milk, eggs and personal hygiene items are often in short supply. Nearly 150 people are on our waiting list for our Home Delivery program to the homebound. The senior population in our community continues to go underserved. Can you help?

If you are a current CES supporter, thank you for your support! Please continue or consider increasing your gift.
If you are not a CES supporter but receive this newsletter, please consider helping us at this point, we need your help now more than ever. There are people who are waiting!

“Lord, thank you for all our partners like Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church who generously give in support of the work of CES!”

In His service,

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Mike Lloyd, Executive Director at CES

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