Beyond bread to the bread of life. Beyond ourselves to Christ.

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A Gift Worth More


“When I was in need, you gave to me,” was the opening statement as an envelope was handed to me. Betty* stood by watching with a smile while I opened it.

She used to come to CES. It was during a time when she was out of work. Food was scarce for her and her children, rent was hard to manage with the little that was left and she was discouraged about life. Betty heard about CES, but was apprehensive to come. As things got tighter, she had no choice.

She related that as she came to CES, she began to have hope. Not only was she given food for her family, but she was greeted with a smile, received prayer from the volunteer interviewer and was told she could return. As the months went by, she began to hope again. Then, Betty stopped coming.

“Because of CES and the confidence you gave me, I now have a job again. Things are getting better! So, I wanted to give something back. It’s not much, but I am so grateful for how you helped me with food and hope. I will be back with more.”

I opened the envelope and took out $8. Yes, it was not much, but the gift spoke of a life that was changed because of CES.

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