Beyond bread to the bread of life. Beyond ourselves to Christ.

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Minnesota FoodShare

Hunger Facts: As we participate in the MN FoodShare this March and look to fight food hunger, one must first understand the need. See Hunger Facts 2016

As you plan your food and fund drives, you may want printable resources. Go to the following for a list of downloadable resources. MN FoodShare Resource Center

As MN FoodShare Campaign starts, partner with CES to help those in need.

Food for the Body and the Soul | A client story

Sitting in the hard wooden pews was not so bad because of the surrounding atmosphere of hope that seemed to be all around. Greeted by a kind face and a welcoming smile, I felt the edge of my nervousness ease.

sm Hope picEven though I have been to CES several times, I was still nervous. Not really wanting to come to ask for food, it was necessary if I was going feed my children.

Sitting and looking at the beautiful stained glass windows of the CES sanctuary, my mind began to think back. It was not always this way. Although we were not rich, we had enough and were happy until my husband died and left me with two children to care for. All I could find was a part time job, which did not provide enough for food, rent and living. We had to move to a small apartment, and now I had to come to CES.

Brought back from my thoughts as my name was called by a friendly lady, I followed her to a private cubicle where we talked about what I needed – not just food! She really cared about me and my situation, gave me some resources to look into and asked if we could pray. How refreshing! As we got up to get the groceries, I had a new sense of hope.

As we proceeded to shop in the small area of the food shelf, I was treated with dignity and was able to pick out the items that my family would eat. They even had a produce table where I got potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and beautiful strawberries. Wow, what a treat!

As I packed my food into a couple of backpacks so I could carry them easily on the bus, I was filled with gratitude not only for the food, but for the kindness of those I met. They helped me see my life from a better perspective.

Thanks for feeding my body and my soul!


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