Beyond bread to the bread of life. Beyond ourselves to Christ.

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About CES

Mission | Vision | Values

Mission Statement:
Rooted in God's loving grace, Community Emergency Service transforms lives by serving neighbors, sharing resources and becoming community -

a place where people come hungry and leave hopeful.

native am gndma childCES meets hunger where it is a critical need, on client's food shelves with Home Delivery to the homebound and Meals on Wheels to seniors. CES fosters community among its clients, because a strong community is the best hope for sustainable relief from hunger and poverty. CES partners with other community-based services that aid clients in building a foundation for stability and independence.

Our Values:

We operate in a neighborhood that is culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse. We strive to serve all our neighbors in need, as Christ would have us do, without distinction or test. We invite support from volunteers and donors and are open to collaboration with other agencies, regardless of religious affiliation.

We are a community. As people of deep faith we long for a day when no one is living without hope or health and so we dedicate ourselves to wholeness in each individual - wholeness of body, mind and spirit. When caring people come together to serve one another, there exists a Sacred Community.

We respect the dignity of each of person. Our clients are our neighbors and they deserve our unconditional love and acceptance, as we seek to earn theirs.

We are servants. We provide food to our hungry neighbors; we provide hope, encouragement and a caring human presence. We seek to serve in a Christ-like manner all that come to CES in need of physical, emotional or spiritual sustenance.

We are stewards. We are good stewards of the opportunity that has been given to us to enrich our own lives and the lives of others through generous service and the spiritual connection that binds all children of God.

We are good neighbors. We seek to collaborate with other organizations and individuals in our greater community that we may better provide a network of support for our neighbors in need, empowering them on their journey toward self-sufficiency and independence.

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CES History

Augustana Lutheran Church buildingThe facility of Augustana Lutheran Church when CES beganInspired by the vision of Pastor William Berg and the philanthropy of Russell Lund, Sr. of Lund's Foods, Community Emergency Service (CES) was organized in 1971 as an outreach ministry of Augustana Lutheran Church of Minneapolis

Mr. Russell Lund, a prominent Minneapolis businessman, civic leader and churchman, saw a need for a more hands-on kind of social service ministry. He asked Pastor Berg at Augustana Lutheran Church this question: "For many years, I have been giving to organizations engaged in social service. Is there a way to give financial aid with a personal touch and to deal with people on a one-to-one basis? "

sm Pastor Berg receives money for CESPastor Bohnsack (left) & Pastor Berg (right) receive money for CESPastor Bill Berg responded that they wanted to reach out more effectively to the community, "You are surely sent from our Lord. A give-away program without the personal touch can be demeaning. The gift without the giver is bare."

Russell Lund gave a gift of $5,600 and Community Emergency Service was started.

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CES Objectives

man two clientsThrough direct aid relief, advocacy, referral, guidance and prayer support, CES seeks to strengthen families and individuals and move them beyond crisis to stability. CES's central goals and objectives include:

  • To foster a faith-based environment throughout the entire organization
  • To assist in meeting the basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs of clients in a loving and personal manner through the CES programs
  • To encourage wholeness and self-sustenance
  • To provide a pleasant and affirming atmosphere in the workplace to encourage the ministry of the employees
  • To maintain positive relationships with neighborhood residents, community organizations, partner congregations, businesses and units of local government
  • Position CES for the future by ongoing evaluation to ensure quality and efficiency in addressing the most critical needs of the community

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